Hiya sweethearts! Welcome to my new site, 
I hope you enjoy my new site and the new releases I’ll be putting out over the coming months.
Please follow the "News" Page for info on my latest releases and what I’m currently doing.
Thanks again - I love you all! XXX
Luis Drayton

Now on Sale and exclusive to the brand new Fusion Music Store - "Don't Take It Straight"! A 27 track "cannibalization" of my early albums (including six exclusive new tracks) - and with remastering by Octane Anton and artwork by Curt Sibling,

This is something youdo not wanna miss! ❤

And and and - first person to download the album we will receive my next EP release free as a digital download the album we will receive my next ep release free as a digital download ! (Due for release in April...)


The latest Promo from my next release we managed to get hold of this footage even though it is not available until Feb 2017 just for you 

Available Now

Released on 13.05.16 The New EP "Bestest Nummies" Includes 6 Tracks also

Inner Life Now available on CD view the visual advert below

Out Now

My New Album "Inner Sanctum" Tune in Below



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